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Document and task management system for everyone.

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Transparent pricing. Payment plans as needed.
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Universal - no installation.
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Sign up - full functionality in a matter of minutes.
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Cloud solution - use it from anywhere.
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3 step online training. Daily help.
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The Service

Training program, sales or purchase agreements, commercial offers, invoices, strategically important plans for the company or its divisions - we create infinite number of them every day.

Integrra is based on cloud technology that performs all possible actions on all types of documents. It's easy to get started with, organically easily managed, can be accessed from any device through any browser. Whatever the documents are - Integrra will allow you to manage the flow of all of them, control their status, sort them, sign, store and share.

It does not take long to start using Integrra. Complete transition to document management in our system takes only a few days.

Calculate how much you will save with Integrra:

Enter the number of employees of your company, the number of the documents that will be signed by the company's employees and the number of incoming / outgoing documents to get the best offer!

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The results of the calculator are preliminary.
Estimated savings are based on the average cost to the company of creating, managing and sending its documents.

Shown calculator's SAVINGS data is based on:
Documents printing expenses
Printing paper expenses
Printing services expenses
Saved employees' work time expenses.

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Management of all types of documents

External document registration, confirmation, confirmation with a note, signing with internal or el.signature, sending to familiarize, return for editing with a note, use a convenient and simple document filter.

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Sorting documents according to your needs

Document registers, document files (folders).

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Document mass creation

Create an unlimited number of documents with just a few clicks

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Document versions

Document versions are available. It is always possible to see what changes have been made before final approval.

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With document familiarization function

Transfer of documents for familiarization within companies or to individuals without Integrated account ("guests").

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Control of all employees access to documents

Rights are granted to users who can or cannot see and/or create documents in files and folders.

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Task Management System

The task can be created both individually and directly from the document. You can attach the desired files to the task. A task can be done with limited use (a specific task can only be seen by the people associated with it). Task control.

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Possibility to create tasks and easily track changes in their status

Email notifications of tasks and status changes.

workflow illistration
All necessary document processes

Document processes, according to the established procedure of their execution and approval.

report illistration
Document reports according to selected parameters

Monitoring documents and tasks with the help of reports in time periods by employee unit etc.

e signature
Interface of all document management actions with e-mail

Document registration from email, document sending by email, notifications of document status changes sent by email

digital signature
All types of signatures

Documents can be signed by el. signature, SmartID and internal (system) signature.

delivery illistration

Possibility to send documents directly from the system with the help of eDelivery.

history illistration
Document history

The document card records all the information about the actions performed with the document (review, download, endorsement, signing etc.)

docs control
Agreement control

Reminders of expiring contracts, linking to previous contracts or other relevant documents as additions, memos, invoices etc.

document floppy
Storage of contracts

Contracts are registered and stored in one place. Search by customer, supplier or partner is also supported.

version control
Agreement versions

Changes are made by combining contracts or other documents. It is always possible to check what the document looked like before the changes.

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Who is it for

Our current customers are companies, which consist from 5 to 700 employees. Integrra is document management solution for you if:
  • You want to move document management to the digital space
  • You want to control the flow of all your documents with a system running on cloud technology
  • You want to sign documents with internal and el.signatures
  • You want to send documents to familiarize to one or more recipients who are not registered Integrra users
  • You don’t want long and expensive adaptations and integrations


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Transparent pricing. Payment plans as needed.
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No installation. Full functionality in just a few days.
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Universal system. No adaptations and integrations.
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Cloud technology - use it from anywhere.
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Online guide and daily help
  • A system based on cloud technology
  • The service is created by us, without any third party platforms
  • Built using PHP, MySQL Gson, SOUP languages
  • A three-tier architecture is applied
  • Client databases are hosted on separate servers
  • MDB databases
  • Full server capacity


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Simple as 2 x 2

It only takes a few steps from your decision to start using Integrra to full transition to our system

Step 1

Sign up at

Step 2

Use the full-featured Integrra for free for 2 weeks

Step 3

Choose a plan and contact us

Range of services


Number of documents signed by e-signature

target users

Number of


Number of
works performed















757424.97 €

Amount of payments made

We are one of the largest cloud service providers in the country. Our services cover the whole Lithuania - from state and educational institutions to business enterprises. Our services are used by companies with 10s to 100s employees from Lithuanian to international companies.
6 € user per monthPrices do not include VAT
Price for one MAXI (full functionality) user
6 EUR / month
Price for one MINI (limited functionality) user
1 EUR / month
Minimum plan fee
48 EUR / month
Free allocated amount of data per MAXI user*
1 GB
Installation of system services
System training up to 2 hours**
System administration support for up to 3 months.
System testing using the full service package 1 week Save translation
Electronic signing of documents
The price of one e-signature is EUR 0.30 + VAT
  • Help Desk 08:00-17:00 working days
  • Detailed user guide
  • Support 24/7
  • Updates
  • Integrations
* If the free GB quantity is exceeded, the price of an additional GB is EUR 1 + VAT per month.
** The price of additional remote training is EUR 40 + VAT for 1 hour.

Trust in us

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Kernavės verslo centras
Žalgirio st. 92, 1st entrance
Support team
Sales department:
Mob.: +370 5 278 8636
UAB „Idamas“
Company code 125838158
VAT payer code LT258381515